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Calls To Action on Your Website

Jose Garcia - Wednesday, December 02, 2009 Bookmark and Share

A Call to Action (CTA) is something on your website that compels a user to take some kind of action which you can measure and determine whether your website works or not. A good CTA provides focus to your visitors and drives them in the direction you want them to go. Examples include:

  • Add to Cart
  • Register for a free gift
  • Make a Donation

Here are some tips for making your CTAs as effective as possible.

Place Above The Fold
Your CTA should be place towards the part of your site that is visible without scrolling. Research shows that a very large number of website visitors do not scroll down the page.

Phrase it Right
Make sure to address the needs of your visitors when phrasing the CTA. Tell them how taking this action will benefit them.

Use color to make your CTA stand out from the rest of your content. Yellow is the first color people see. Orange is great for buttons and boxes. Make buttons bigger than others on the site. Images and icons are great for getting people’s attention.

Be Consistent
If for example you want your visitor to sign up to your email list put the subscription box on every page and on the same spot.

Be Specific
Tailor your message to your audience.  It is commonly acknowledged that an effective CTA will inform the user as to why they should follow it. Just saying “Click Here” is not enough. Get your free sample here is better than Click here for a free sample.

Active Words
Use active words that encourage the user to take action: Buy, Register, Call, Subscribe.
Keep Forms Short and Clear

The less information you ask the visitor the better. Facebook is a great example of a site that just asks the very basics. Later the user has the opportunity to add more details.

Call To Action Techniques

A Free Gift
Everyone loves to get something for free. Offer it to the first 50 callers, or to the first 100 people who register on your site.

Have a Deadline
Create a sense of urgency by having a short deadline for your offer. You can combine this with the Free Gift with something like: “Order by December 31st and receive a free…”. You can also offer to upgrade the service or product if customer orders by the expiration date.

Offer a Guarantee

Eliminate fears by offering a money back guarantee or a Free Trial. Cable companies do this all the time. They offer an introductory price for the first few months of service.

Announce a Price Increase
We all want good deals. If your customer knows that next month it will cost more to get that item, they will get it today.

Some More Examples:
  1. Contact us today for a free report on investing
  2. Call us today at 800-555-2323 and ask for our Web Discount
  3. Subscribe now for free tips on saving money
  4. Buy this book now and start losing weight tomorrow
  5. Call now for a free 30 minute consultation
  6. Take our online survey and see how much you can save
  7. 30-day free trial, sign up in 60 seconds
  8. Buy Now
  9. Give Me Free, Instant Access!
  10. Subscribe to the Widgets Newsletter
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