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E-mail marketing needs to focus on benefits to the customer

Jose Garcia - Saturday, November 14, 2009 Bookmark and Share

A few e-mail marketing rules of thumb:

  • Make sure that everyone on the list has agreed to be there — don't add names
  • Reassure readers that their information will not be shared
  • Give readers an opportunity to opt off of the list
  • Keep information concise, to the point, and focused on their needs
  • Don't blitz — e-mailing more than once or twice a week is annoying
  • Provide a choice of HTML or TEXT version

E-mailing advertisements, sent with the express permission of the recipient, can still become redundant, and therefore ineffective, unless you:
  • Offer new discounted products or services regularly
  • Provide very targeted mailings
  • Offer some content
When e-mailing customers, you also need:
  • A catchy headline
  • A recognizable company name in the "from" box so they’ll know it's from your business
  • A simple one-click manner in which they can get more information on specific products or services
  • A means of reaching customer service
Landing Pages Are Important
It's important to give readers links to click on for more information. However, don't send them to your homepage where they'll have to search for the information in your email. By using a landing page you are "locking them in a room". From there they can go to your site, add the item to a shopping cart, etc.