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Not All Blogs Are Created Equal!

Jose Garcia - Sunday, May 24, 2009 Bookmark and Share

As we have mentioned before a Blog is a great SEO tool for adding and archiving content on your site. Good content which changes often is one of the top criteria used by search engines like Google when ranking your site.

Doing it right
 To truly take advantage of the benefits provide by having a blog it is important that the blog is on your site. That it’s part of your URL and sits as a page or directory within your host server. An example of this would be, where “blog/” is a folder within our site.

The Wrong Way
Getting one of those free blogs which give you a domain such as
The idea of a free blog can be appealing and would seem to do the job but you must realize that now you have 2 completely separate websites that you must maintain, and are competing for the exact same keywords. You have just doubled your work! Or to put it another way, you have cut your chances of ranking by half.

I even know a company that opened several of these blogs in an attempt to improve their ranking. Not only is this a huge waste of time and money, but can potentially get all your sites banned from search engines. They consider multiple sites with the same content as an attempt to spam their index.

Search engines want “unique” content. If to save time you are putting the same exact info from your main site into these separate blogs, you run the risk of being labeled a spammer and having all your sites permanently removed from their results. At the very least you are hurting your own site by not putting this good content within your own domain. You are throwing a great deal of money away by wasting time maintaining and creating content for all your different sites.

Is there an exception? Yes, if you have 2 separate businesses with different subject matter.

Keep it Professional
As a business, with a professional looking site, you must have an equally well designed blog. It just looks cheap when a visitor clicks on your “Blog” link and lands on a page that looks nothing like the rest of your site and is housed at “”.

Bottom Line

1. Get a blog
2. Put it within your own website
3. Write good unique content once or twice a week
4. Don’t waste time and money with 2 or 3 different sites.
You risk being banned forever from the search engines for spamming.