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Top 2 Criteria for Search Engine Ranking

Jose Garcia - Friday, June 05, 2009 Bookmark and Share

#1 – Good content that changes often
Keyword rich content is the most important thing search engines want to see on a website when it comes to ranking. They want to bring their users the most relevant content possible to keep them coming back. Your site’s content should be unique and rich with keywords, but most importantly, it should change often.

This can be a challenge as not all sites lend themselves to frequent changes of their homepage and the text in it. It can also be time consuming for a website’s owner busy with running a business. So what is the solution?

Enter the Blog
Blogs are very search engine friendly and can help keep your site updated with good content. Using your blog as a resource to your customers will keep them coming back often to see what is new. Other sites may also bookmark your site because of the valuable information and in turn, generate even more traffic to you. Allowing comments can help you get feedback from visitors and gives you credibility as new visitors can see interaction between you and your visitors.

If possible you should post once per week, but at least a couple per month.

#2 – Inbound Links
Inbound links are text links on other websites pointing to your URL. Google and most of the top search engines see this as a sort of vote to your site. The quality of these links is important because they give you greater points, sort of speak.

First you want to get links on sites related to your industry. Because of the similarity in content, search engines give the highest point to inbound links from such sites. Next you can go with industry related directories. After that you can go with everyone else. These can be partner sites, other directories, local engines, blogs, etc. The 2 most important directories you have to get on are and the Yahoo Directory.