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Yahoo and the Open Directory Project

Jose Garcia - Wednesday, June 03, 2009 Bookmark and Share

As a website owner, there are 2 directories to which you MUST submit your site to, the Yahoo Directory ( and the Open Directory Project (

One of the most important criteria to Google and other search engines in ranking your site is the number and quality of inbound links to your site. Your goal is to continuously find websites and directories that will link to you. Two of the most important and valuable directories are Yahoo and the Open Directory Project, also known as DMOZ is free while Yahoo will cost you $299 per year. They both have specific guidelines for submission like finding the right category for your site. This is important as both of these directories are moderated by people. A real person will determine if your listing is accepted or not.

The Open Directory Project –

Step 1
First you must determine if your site is appropriate to be submitted. Things such as mirror sites, sites with the same content found on other sites, and URLs that simply redirect to some other, will not be accepted. If your site is not in English, submit under the “World” category.

Other site that will not be accepted:
  • Do not submit “Under Construction” sites
  • Illegal material or substances
  • Sites made up mostly of links
  • Multiple submissions of the same site
Step 2
Do a quick search of your site at to make sure it is not already listed.

Step 3
Find the best category for your site. You can follow the categories on the homepage and drill down to your appropriate category or simple do a search for your type of business or service. When you find the best category for your site, you will see a “Suggest URL” link at the top right of the page. If it’s not there then this category does not accept submissions or you need to drill down further.

Step 4
Now that you found the category follow the instructions on the submission page.
Please note that it can takes several weeks or more before your listing is reviewed.
Detailed guidelines:

Yahoo Directory –

The same basic guidelines as above apply to Yahoo but as before you should read their instructions before you submit. Just remember that Yahoo will charge you $299 every year for your listing. Also, that your initial payment of $299 is NON-REFUNDABLE even if they don’t approve your site. Yahoo will notify you by email and give you a chance to appeal and try again.